Ariston, and on

Alert and veteran WoS viewers may recall this featurette from some years back, documenting the then-lost legendary Ariston adverts using the theme music from the Game Boy version of Robocop. Well, t’other day someone posted a link on their blog to a cover version of the same theme music, and then someone else tweeted a reply linking the first person to the WoS page.

I spotted this thanks to excellent Firefox plugin Echofon, and the first person made a new blog post linking to a different Ariston ad with the GB tune. Spotting that led me to the real treat, though – a better-quality, two-and-a-half-minute full-length version of the ad, containing both the clips we’d previously linked and more besides. Modern technology, eh?

Tiny Cartridge blog post containing second short ad

Full-length version:

Freakiest white-goods ad ever? You decide.


5 Responses to “Ariston, and on”

  1. reverendstu Says:

    Hello, I am a comment.

  2. I am a better comment.

  3. sinister agent Says:

    I am a much delayed comment.

  4. Hey! I’m one of the people in this story!

  5. I remember this music from the Speccy version of Robocop, which surely pre-dates the Gameboy version? No?
    It's brilliant, either way. Ocean's music was always terrific – their Total Recall theme knocked the film version into a cocked hat.

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