2010 Festival Of Space Death

Celebrate the space year 2010 by venturing out into the void and destroying everything again, in this cute little freeware shmup. Genetos is a short and punchy journey through the evolution of the shooting game, starting off with Space Invaders and progressing through five generations right up to Radiant Silvergun-esque bullet hell. It’s slick, pretty, has lots of difficulty levels and modes, and supports joypads automatically. Fans of a recent WoS rant will also be pleased to know that it defaults to windowed mode, with selectable screen sizes and fullscreen option.


All props go to alert WoS viewer Klatrymadon.


One Response to “2010 Festival Of Space Death”

  1. […] Campbell embracing the last decade and starting blogging. One of his first posts is about Genetos, a SHMUUUUPPPPP! which recapitulates the development of its genre. As in, start at Space Invaders, pass through Space Invaders with some spangles and end up with […]

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