Och Aye The Noo Year

New decade, new WoS. Well, a bit. To welcome in the first year that properly starts with “twenty”, WoS semi-proudly announces WoSblog. Just eight or nine years after blogs became fashionable, and about seven years after they stopped being fashionable, WoS has finally joined the future of the 1990s by having its own, mostly because I was pissed off at idiots calling the current WoS a “blog”, which it palpably isn’t.

WoSblog is the new official main “portal” to WoS, with handy top-of-page links to the main archive page and the WoS Forum. Its purpose is to serve as such, and to provide a more accessible home for fun stuff I find that otherwise gets lost under the general chatter of the forum within a couple of days. Plus it’s a bit more sensible than expecting people to approach WoS through either an infrequently-updated archive page or a texty forum requiring registration and general faffing around. WoSblog posts will mostly be little YouTube links, or iPod bargain alerts, or some random thoughts of the day, or alerts to WoS Central features, and that sort of thing.

I’d resisted having a WordPress blog for years, and the experience of creating WoSblog fully justified that resistance, because it was an absolutely horrible, miserable chore to get it looking halfway-decent (and I still can’t even change the page background unless I pay a $15-a-year “CSS upgrade” fee or double the cost of my webhosting). If it hadn’t been for the fact that I went to see Where The Wild Things Are yesterday, it would definitely have been the crappiest thing that happened this week.

Don’t go to see Where The Wild Things Are, viewers! And the happiest of 2010s from WoS to you all!

Watch this trailer instead and save yourself eight quid. It’s much more enjoyable than the real film, a lot shorter, and has better music.


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