All my friends are deaf

Because clearly these were the best songs of twenty-oh-nine. Idiots.

(All Spotify links. If you don’t have an account, you’re too uncool.)

1. Suicide – The Raveonettes all twinkly and starry, a bit less interesting than “Boys Who Rape (Should All Be Destroyed)” but a prettier tune. And if there was a better line in a pop song than “Lick your lips and fuck suicide”, then I didn’t hear it.

1. Ulysses  – Franz Ferdinand I’ve never been able to stand FF, or indeed that entire type of angular, jerky Gang Of Four-style cold-hearted art-school pop, but the strutting, cocky bounce in the chorus of this is irresistible.

1. Are You Hurting The One You Love? – Florence And The Machine eerie and slightly menacing and hidden away on the b-side of the terrible Rabbit Heart. Just edged out Dog Days Are Over because that one goes on for about 30 seconds after it needed to finish.

1. Hellhole Ratrace – Girls swoony and fuzzy and disarming. This year’s “Ice Cream Van”.

1. Fire Stairs – Darren Hayman And The Secondary Modern because it’s not easy to make trombones sound sad.

1. Little Shadow – Yeah Yeah Yeahs the album of the year by a mile offered numerous other possibilities – Skeletons (especially the acoustic version on the Special Edition release), Soft Shock, Hysteric and Zero – but the guileless, heartbreaking vulnerability of Little Shadow, channelling Death Cab For Cutie’s immortal tearjerker I Will Follow You Into The Dark, just nicked it.

1. Quiet Little Voices – We Were Promised Jetpacks unpromising for the first minute-and-a-bit, then turns excitingly histrionic and shouty, and reminded me of The Skids in a really good way that made me go and listen to The Skids a lot.

1. Homewrecker! – Jarvis Cocker why didn’t anyone talk about Jarvis this year? It’s like he became invisible or, in this case, turned into Ian Dury and got forgotten about.

1. Don’t Give A Damn – Chairlift arrived at via that song that was on an iTunes advert or something (Bruises), but I’m not a snob. Gorgeous fireside country duet.

1. Paper Planes – Niels Nielsen it’s fairly impressive to take a song built around a sample, completely remove that sample, and still come up with something this lovely.

1. I’m On A Boat – The Lonely Island feat. T-Pain you probably have to have seen the video at least once for it to work, but assuming you have then this is summer in sonic form. Big cuddly T-Pain is like a less mopey version of the monsters from Where The Wild Things Are, which is one more reason not to bother going to see the movie.

1. So Lonely – Nouvelle Vague pretty much the only reason I’ve allowed Sting to continue living this year.

12 is enough for anyone.


3 Responses to “All my friends are deaf”

  1. A fantastic bunch. I think I prefer your taste in music to your taste in games…

  2. nixonradio Says:

    Fine list. About Jarvis: I personally found the second album a bit disappointing; the Cocker-Albini partnership should have brought better results, but I only really like a few songs off the finished record (the excellent title track, the aforementioned Homewrecker!, the throwaway instrumental Pilchard, the quite pretty Hold Still) and I’m not convinced the best Jarvis record released last year wasn’t the non-album single Girls Like It Too. As perhaps the most die-hard Pulp fan in the world, I really, really wanted to love it, but it’s just never really clicked for me.

    Still, Jarvis remains a star. And talking of Homewrecker!, check out this crazed live set-opening performance, in which he trips and falls on his arse mere seconds before having to deliver the opening lines but still manages to carry it off despite spending the entire first verse lying on his back.

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