Dance Dance Space Invaders

Been meaning to mention this for a while, ever since I stumbled across it in a dark corner of an arcade in the autumn of 2009. It’s the latest and arguably the weirdest Space Invaders yet.

Space Invaders – The Beat Attacker is a very fast-moving and usually short “redemption” game, for which you win tickets to exchange for prizes in the arcade’s prize kiosk. (You know the sort of thing – collect 1 million tickets, at a minimum cost of about £500, and you can get a digital watch.) You shoot the invaders by stomping on three static Laser Base panels on the front of the machine, and you have to be very speedy and accurate to stop the turbo-charged space monsters reaching the “Dead Line”, which ends your game.

Although the invaders don’t shoot at you it’s extremely tricky, because there are three panels and you (probably) have two feet, so your brain gets horribly confused about which foot it should be using to hit which panel and when, particularly because it’s Space Invaders and therefore the aliens are constantly dashing to the left and right. And since it’s not a rhythm-action game, you’re going to look even more of a tool to bystanders than you do playing Dance Dance Revolution, which at least has some music to partially explain why you’re leaping around like an idiot.

That said, it’s good fun, and maybe you don’t have enough novelty pencil erasers yet.


3 Responses to “Dance Dance Space Invaders”

  1. Is that the one in the arcade near the main pier at Weston-Super-Mare? A pal played that very machine religiously in the hope of winning a microwave.

  2. It is that one. But a microwave? Jesus. I dread to imagine how many tickets that would have needed. I’ve got a few he can have if it helps.

  3. He ended up winning a plastic baseball and bat which were abandoned on the beach less than an hour later.

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