(Maxwell The Magic Cat, by Jill de Ray aka Alan Moore)

So it finally snowed, even in Bath, The City Where It Never Snows. Barely two inches and all the main roads are totally clear, but nevertheless almost all buses and trains are cancelled and it’s quieter than Christmas Day after an apocalypse. You English are SUCH enormous jessies. Anyhoo, naturally WoSblog wasn’t going to let the squirrels starve just for the sake of a little bit of frozen rain, so one quick break-and-enter into the Botanical Gardens (naturally locked up for health and safety reasons) and there was a whole magical world of virgin snow to play around in.

Bath is a fashionable town, so someone had quickly built a snowkatemoss.

A tropical plant was looking startled.

Mm, tasty fruit.

You don’t sweat much for a fat bird.

A squirrel with cold nuts LOLZ ETC.

Click to enlarge, natch.

Built-in spine cosy.

I’d have started that before now, frankly.

Aw! She’s got snow in her whiskers!

Squirrels: easy to follow.


2 Responses to “PANIC!”

  1. Hard to see Squirrels in winter here (Canada). They tend to keep in their nests, which is fair enough because they’re usually ridiculously fat by November and it’s rather that than tough it out in -15c weather.

  2. sinister agent Says:

    Easy to follow, indeed! I’ve had an almost tediously easy time stalking my e… er, well anyway, it’s nice out.

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