First-person Tetris

How long can you bear it? I managed a minute or so before I got pretty queasy. The absurd Night Mode is actually a bit more manageable, and I notched 5,980 on that (44 lines), if you’re looking for a target.

(Via The Triforce)


7 Responses to “First-person Tetris”

  1. I didn’t find that too bad but then after The Thrill Of Combat or Party Boat ( everything seems a bit tame.

  2. nixonradio Says:

    It’s the jerking back up the screen after a successful drop that does for me; I managed substantially less than the Rev (about forty seconds or so tops) before feeling seasick.

  3. Andy Krouwel Says:


    I was hoping it would be from the point of view of the falling block.

  4. I object! Tetris blocks snap 90 degrees, they don’t smoothly rotate.

  5. I managed 47

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