WoSblog Gaming Challenge No.1

1. Get hold of Super Ghouls’n’Ghosts for the GBA. (If you need an emulator, use Visual Boy Advance.)

2. Choose Original Mode, check the time (pro tip: use some sort of clock or watch for this) and start.

3. Finish level 1 (continue or restart as often as you like, but no cheating with save states) and note how long it’s taken you.

4. Fastest by midnight tomorrow wins!


9 Responses to “WoSblog Gaming Challenge No.1”

  1. You know, I remember this from the SNES version all those years ago. I never understood just why they made that first level so ridiculously difficult. It gets easier, and some of it (the water part especially) becomes a memory test, however back then, we were paying £50+ for these games on import, and so we just played and played until we did it.

    The further back in time you go, the harder games seem to be – would make a good article that.

  2. The GBA game is actually even harder.

  3. The remix/original levels are bout the hardest GnG levels ever.

  4. i wonder if i will finish at all, but wll try

  5. Gave up after eleven minutes. I’m not sure what I did to this game, but it seems to hate me.

  6. Klatrymadon Says:


    I did this on default settings, with the standard armour and lance. No deaths, natch. I’m already very familiar with the SNES game, and there were no fundamental changes to trip me up in this first level, but you’ll batter this time if you pick up the dagger.

  7. Klatrymadon Says:

    If anyone’s still attempting this, be aware that you are better off timing this yourself; the clock resets to five minutes at the half-way point.

  8. WoSblog Gaming Challenge Leaderboard:

    1. Klatrymadon 3pts

  9. Klatrymadon Says:

    Cool! Is this going to be a fairly regular funquest?

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