The best of #gamesblamedforrickets

(Still running! Join in! #gamesblamedforrickets)

Sifted out from the flood of suggestions by people who haven’t quite grasped the joke, and have instead just posted a lot of game titles with one or more words replaced by the name of a medical condition, rather than a made-up medical condition that could be in some way caused by a game.

Grand Theft Autism (@James_Batchelor)

Crackdown’s Syndrome (@fumanstu)

Manic Depression Miner (@MrDarrenGarrett)

Super Stardust ADHD (@spadgy_OTA)

Arkham Asylumbago (@liquidindian)

Last Bronxitis (@GamesWriting)

The Secret Of Gunky Eye Gland (@MikeChannell)

Metal Slug Eczema (@rclarke)

VVVVVVD (@thezombiecow)

Sonic Thrush (@BenParfitt)

BrAIDS (@simonparkin)

And my own best efforts:

Frustrated outbursts caused by endless licence tests: Gran Tourettesmo.

Too much use of accelerator: GTI Club Foot.

Inflamed joints caused by too much sitting down playing overlong puzzle game: Lumiknees.

Muscular pain from contorting the hands around far too many control buttons: FIFA 10dinitis.

Game glamourises, and thereby causes, obesity: Gastric Band Hero.


One Response to “The best of #gamesblamedforrickets”

  1. nixonradio Says:

    Those presenting initial symptoms who persist in spending too long sat in the dark hunched over their favourite Amiga sports sim run the risk of developing the deadlier, more fearsome strain, known for licensing reasons as Graham Gooch’s World Class Rickets.

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