Beeper wobbly peeper windy hero sampler

Okay, so first listen to this awesomely splendid pop song, and try to figure out the lyrics. Are they even in English?

Then go here and read the lyrics, and listen to the song again. Then marvel in amazement at how you could ever have failed to hear them correctly. Honestly, it’s spooky.


2 Responses to “Beeper wobbly peeper windy hero sampler”

  1. Unlike Ddiamondd which, even with a lyric sheet in front of you, still sounds like gibberish. Sugary, bouncy gibberish you can’t help but grinning along to, but still. Doesn’t Atlas sound like the Smurfs marching to war, though?

    Race:In by Battles is one of my favourite album openers, and one of the most impressive things I’ve seen live; Tyondai Braxton singing four-part harmonies into a loop pedal with no functioning monitor.

  2. Aha!  All this time I thought it went 'The singer is cooked', and 'The kitchen's in bathos'.  Which doesn't really many any less sense than the official lyrics.
    I must concur with D Grimm that they are very impressive live.  They played at the (rather awesome) Supersonic festival in Birmingham, two years ago, and managed to be quite stunning despite crap sound and tech. problems out of their control.
    There's a rather splendid rendition of Atlas on the Jools Holland show that's well worth searching youTube for.

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