Some of these flavours do not belong

Can you spot them?


5 Responses to “Some of these flavours do not belong”

  1. I have had many a delicious handkerchief.

  2. nixonradio Says:

    So… Is that just a bad translation of something vaguely sensible (the Turkish word for “handkerchief” being the same as the word for “plum”, or something), or are all the flavours on the lid accounted for and it’s just a printing cock-up?

    (Assuming there aren’t actually sweets in there that taste vaguely of togetherness.)

  3. Well, all the sweets in the tub were yellow and tasted primarily of citric acid, so it’s hard to say. There was absolutely no sign of the hard-to-miss notes of cinnamon or banana, for example.

  4. “Sour Mix” sounds like the title of the worst mixtape ever.

  5. […] was lots more (including the inaccurately-named Sour Mix sweets blogged yesterday), but this isn’t supposed to be a shopping list, so we probably better start approaching the […]

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