An excellent new world

I really didn’t mean to spend the whole day doing this.

However, the old site (written many, many years ago, when 1024×768 resolution was still pretty racy) really was looking rough and it was letting the rest of WoS down a bit, plus I thought it was time there was a reasonably pretty Pocketeers site that did their lovely cartoon artwork some semblance of justice.

It still needs a little brushing up here and there (I can’t believe I forgot to make the header on each game’s page lead back to the menu screen, and I can’t face going back and doing it 44 times now), but it’s quite nice, I think. Now I should probably eat something.


8 Responses to “An excellent new world”

  1. Klatrymadon Says:

    Excellent! I must admit that the old site looks grand to me, though, but it’s probably because 1024×768 is likely to be my standard resolution for the next decade. Is it really that outdated? 😦

  2. Marcus Jordan Says:

    I can think of few other nostalgic items that transport me so instantly to my infant school playground than Pocketeers. “Vampire” was played as follows, if I recall: Sliver balls (children) were released from the top left corner, one at a time. You – as the magnet (vampire) had to time your lunge downwards for them. Failure to catch them saw them sprinting to freedom in the bottom left corner of the game. A more successful attempt allowed you to scoop them into the dungeon in the bottom right, with only the remains of previous victims for company – presumably for later exsanguination.

    This all seems much more unsettling with hindsight than it ever did at the time.

  3. Marcus Jordan Says:

    Oh, and the description for “Golf” seems to appear again for “Grand Prix”.

  4. Excellent. We were only talking about Pocketeers at work a couple of weeks ago. My colleague has recently bought on ebay a Pocketeer style assault course maze type game for about £30! It must not be an actual Pocketeer because I can’t see it on this list, but it’s the same dimensions.

    I used to have Ratatat and Cup Final and my sister had Angler.

    The Blowpipe link doesn’t work.

  5. It was Steeplechase I was talking about

  6. Fixed Blowpipe link, added linkbacks from game pages, and added some stuff to the Misc section, including a Steeplechase ad.

  7. Somehow in my youth I acquired a Pop-Up Pirate game, probably from a thrift store. Don’t know that we ever played with it the way it was meant to be played, but it was still pretty amusing. Found it in a box of stuff recently and it doesn’t work anymore.

    But hey! That’s where the Wii steps in! God, what a name they saddled it with here in NA. To add to the confusion, Family Pirate Party had just come out a few weeks before. Both are crap anyway it seems, so no harm done.

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