And fuck you too, YouTube. And fuck you most of all, UEFA.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

I’m getting really tired of YouTube copyright shit. I first really noticed it a couple of years back, when I posted a TWELVE-SECOND clip of a Six Nations rugby match, in order to highlight a great bit of commentary by the peerless pairing of Eddie Butler and Brian Moore, and it was killed by Six Nations Rugby Ltd within hours, lest those twelve seconds destroy their business.


But now more and more stuff is being cretinously taken down by halfwitted morons cutting their own throats to spite their windpipes. Absolutely clips on YT are now either completely blocked, or if you’re lucky redirect you to 4OD, where the entire run of the show can be (very commendably) watched for free, but only if you’re prepared to hunt through a whole 30-minute episode to see the 20-second clip you actually want. Who does that benefit? What purpose does it serve to put off people who might see a funny clip and become interested in your DVD box set (but won’t sit through half an hour of hit-and-miss sketches in the hope of finding something good)? The idiot copyright puritans will kill this country’s popular culture yet if we let them.


One Response to “FUCK YOU, CHANNEL 4”

  1. 4OD’s awful. I recall our PVR once missed the last few minutes of a show, so I loaded it up on the Mac. It took nearly ten minutes to ‘skip to the end’, because of all of the advertising.

    It seems the BBC’s one of the few corporations that sometimes turns a blind eye to YouTube, and I hope that continues. The recent Pratchett lecture was mis-timed, so PVRs cut it five minutes from the end. Annoyingly, iPlayer did the same. On YouTube, the entire thing’s there, and looks like it’s there to stay.

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