10 in a row!

Yes, that’s now the number, out of the last 10 times I’ve switched on my PS3 to have a quick game of something or buy a PSN title, that I’ve had to perform a system update first. At least this one only took 15 minutes, compared to the usual hour or so, and downloaded and installed itself without me needing to tell it to halfway through, as used to be the case.

Sadly, the feature I’d switched on for, the Vidzone video streamer (“Artist Of The Week: Sade”) didn’t appear when the update was finished, and I had to search down through five levels of the PS Store to find and download it separately. (The store’s search function having returned no results for “Vidzone”.) I then managed to find the installed application – on the Music tab rather than the Video one – and started it up, only to find that apparently it had been updated in the 30 seconds between me installing it and trying to run it, and that it had to download and install a new version.

Then it was just a quick scroll down through several thousand words of User Agreement, a swift dodge of the email spam, and the briefest of 23-minute waits while it synced up the videos list. And long story short, it turns out the Vidzone version of Eminem’s “Stan” IS pretty funny. Hurray!

Almost one word in three made it through! Yay hard-hitting social-comment hip-hop!


2 Responses to “10 in a row!”

  1. Is it just me or do they still allow a ‘shit’ through at the end?

  2. Which is probably one of your points actually. Um. Yeah.

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