Free for love

Pretty much any holiday or “special” day counts as an excuse for lots of big price reductions and giveaways on the App Store. Here’s a rundown of some of the best freebies between now and Valentine’s – as ever, be quick off the mark, as some of them are free for a very limited time only.

Bubble Nervous

A nice fusing of Puyo Puyo, Same Game and Columns. You have to clear the levels by dropping in sets of three little beasties, which you can arrange before dropping. Lots of modes to unlock and beautiful presentation.

Sunday Lawn

From WoSblog favourites Donut Games, this was one of their less successful efforts, damaged (in comparison to the rather good Flash original) by the zoomed-in screen making it impossible to see things you really needed to see. However, earlier this week it had a very substantial upgrade, not fixing the zooming issue but adding a whole new Challenge mode and an addictive sheep-counting minigame that’d be worthy of investigation by itself. At this price you can afford to overlook the odd flaw.


From the people who brought you definitive tower-defence game Sentinel comes something a lot more lightweight, a gesture-based and horror-themed arcade game where you draw various shapes to zap different kinds of monsters as they try to break down walls and fences to get to your tasty juicy flesh. Mm, flesh.

Low Grav Racer 2

Heavily WipeOut-influenced tilt racer with better graphics and slightly less twitchy control than Low Grav Racer 1. A heck of a bargain for nowt.

Bubble Fans

It’s Puzzle Bobble! Do you like Puzzle Bobble? Then this is totally the game for you!


4 Responses to “Free for love”

  1. Excellent – I’ve been waiting for Sunday Lawn to be free.

  2. Great heads-up again, these are indeed all good fun and definitely worth the price of no money at all. Bubble Nervous is so weird.

  3. Low Grav Racer is not free as of today – but Low Grav Racer 2 is. Can’t tell how they compare, as I missed the first.

  4. Am idiot and have now read the feature properly. Still – Low Grav Racer 2 is still free!

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