More cheap love

Here’s a bargain that’s not for the iPod for a change. In a Valentine’s promo that lasts until Friday 19 Feb, you can pick up six apparently award-winning PC indie games for the kerrayzee love-addled price of just $20 (normally $85), under the cute name of The Indie Love Bundle. The featured games include the much-acclaimed Machinarium – which is usually $20 on its own – and the rather lovely music-themed puzzler Auditorium (which IS also available on the iPod, where I bought it), the very interesting looking ripped-paper platformer And Yet It Moves, and three more.

The others are Aztack, Eufloria and Osmos, which I haven’t heard of and which sound and look like tracks from a Yes concept album from 1975 (two are described as “ambient” and the other is a 2D side-scrolling RPG), but at barely two quid each you’re unlikely to feel hard-done-by.


2 Responses to “More cheap love”

  1. Osmos is lovely.

    It’s biggest success is that the game feels like it takes place in an actual ecosystem. Everything in it follows the same set of rules. Pretty music and graphics too.

  2. Second on Osmos, though I don’t much like the bio branch; you have to immediately start rushing up the food chain and success/failure is determined in seconds, with a long mop-up phase. The maze levels are just wonderful that-then-that thinking, though, and the orbital levels oooooh. Spotting the perfect Hohmann transfer orbit is a beautiful feeling.

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