99 Songs Under 99 Seconds In 99 Minutes

Experienced WoSblog viewers will recall the heady days of Big Songs For Little Attention Spans, and I’ve long meant to put together a sort of Redux version of it, combining all the best tracks and throwing in a few new ones. Still, in the modern day and age, the concept of songs on a CD seems kinda, well, dated. So here, through the magic of Spotify, is the cutting-edge, state-of-the-art, hyperdigital equivalent.

Lots of the original songs sadly aren’t present on Spotify, but luckily the slightly longer 99-minute playtime has allowed room for some top-quality replacements, and there are a whopping 47 brand-new tracks here for your listening pleasure, with the other 52 coming from the two Big Songs volumes.

You can also join in the fun by adding your own selections (1.39 or shorter, remember) to the 99 plus playlist, and anything that’s good enough will get promoted to the main list.  So why wouldn’t you do that? Why?


One Response to “Ninety-nine”

  1. That sign looks like the icecream comes with “a real chocolate hake”.
    Just sayin’.

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