WoS subscriber update

WoS Central has today been updated with the complete two-part Retro Gamer feature The Definitive Space Invaders for subscribers. The web version – The Definitive Space Invaders Deluxe Edition – is in one big chunk, including stuff deleted from the printed piece and updated to include all the Invaders games released since the article was published.

This epic Definitive clocks in just shy of a mammoth 14,000 words – for comparison, the shabbily mangled version published on NowGamer is a mere 8,033 words. So if you like Space Invaders, and you're a WoS subscriber, it should keep you out of any sort of productive work for most of the afternoon.

EDIT: Other updated and extended Definitives added for subscribers now include:

The Definitive Galaxian
The Definitive Xevious
The Definitive Bubble Bobble
The Definitive 194X
The Definitive Frogger


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