Can Piracy Save The PC?

"For the next three months, take the money you were going to spend on PC games and put it to one side. Then each month, instead of just going out and buying whichever World War 2 FPS or goblin-slashing sub-Tolkien fantasy grindfest you were going to buy and pour endless hours of levelling-up into, spend the time instead by downloading pirate copies."

This is a piece I wrote for Total PC Gaming. It was rather undermined by their splashing "CONTRAVERSIAL!" [sic] all over the contents page in enormous letters, thereby portraying it as a gratuitous shock piece rather than a serious and considered idea, but it was still quite a brave thing to commission, given that it openly advocated universal piracy. Formerly available on WoS as a subscriber-only feature, it's now free to read in full. Click here to continue.


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