"…sharing our videos."

The clip below the jump is the video for my favourite single by the awesome Leeds-based agit-pop subversionists Age Of Chance. I stumbled across it on YouTube when a friend was asking for songs that started with the sounds of an orchestra tuning up, and was surprised to note the high quality. Immediately I wanted to share it with the beloved viewers of WoSblog, and was dismayed to note that it had embedding disabled, which always strikes me as churlish.

"No problem to a semi-tech-literate nerd such as I," I pondered. "I shall cunningly download the video via the splendid KeepVid, re-upload it to my own YouTube account, and embed it from there. Ha!"

Man, I'm wrong such a lot.


Sadly, my evil genius was foiled by some fiendish measure by which YouTube can recognise such "protected" videos, and it forced my version to disable embedding too. (It also caused the clip to be deleted within minutes from the other video-hosting site I tried uploading to.)

Irritated, I went back to the original clip to see what sort of tosser would exert such neurotic ownership over a 25-year-old pop video, and only then noticed that it was the YT channel of EMI Music. (On which, it must be admitted, they've uploaded a substantial amount of old promos, including several from the bizarre later career of AoC.)

It still doesn't make any sense. Embedded videos still link back to the source page, and thereby serve whatever purpose you were hoping to serve by making them available in the first place. Preventing other people from showcasing them, then, logically only hurts that purpose. You either want them seen or you don't – if you don't, you don't make them available in the first place, and if you do then the more widely they're distributed the better, no? That certainly seems to be the opinion of some EMI artists, like OK Go, who reveal some very interesting information about the practice at that link.

Anyway, on general principle I uploaded the clip elsewhere, and after an unspeakably miserable two hours wading through literally dozens of hopelessly broken WordPress video-embedding plugins*, it's now safely embedded above for all to enjoy. And there are links to the EMI channel too, so everyone's happy. Right?

I was SO in love with Jan P. But that's another story.



*Even the one that finally worked, DOP Player, is horribly broken and needs manual fiddling-with before it'll work. It's also rather imperfect, as it pre-loads the video whether you ask it to or not, and displays a black box as a thumbnail. But it's the only one that actually shows the clip successfully. The following WP video plugins are all ABSOLUTE SHIT:

Anarchy Media Player
FV WordPress Flowplayer
Stream Video Player
Embedded Video
FLV Embed
Bubblecast Video
'Post videos and photo galleries' by Cincopa
Blubrry PowerPress Podcasting plugin
Simple Flash Video
Embed QuickTime
and several others I deleted before I wrote down their names.


5 Responses to “HEY! HEY! HEY! HEY! HEY! HEY! STOP!”

  1. Don’t the uploaders of premium content get a share of the ad revenue?

  2. Yes, but read the OK Go link, and try to decide whether that revenue outweighs all the lost free advertising.

  3. Have you caught OK Go's latest video? It's rather spiffy:

    Also: if you're still looking, I think Hello by The Beloved starts with an orchestra tuning up.

  4. Even though it wasn't until the mid 90s I discovered Age of Chance I also instantly fell in love with Jan P. I have a rare video of Age of Chance performing Disco Inferno which I shall upload later.
    Also in case you're still after orchestra tuning songs, the 12" version of Fireworks by Siouxsie and the Banshees features such a thing. Siouxsie And The Banshees – Fireworks – 12" Version

  5. That OK Go video IS spiffy.

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