The worst videogame level of all time

Is, I've today concluded after 33 years of videogaming, this one.

Arkanoid 2 - Revenge Of Doh (arcade)

But hey, don't take my word for it – you can give it a shot for yourself.

Firstly, download this file and extract it to a folder. Run ARK2.BAT to run the emulator. (Ignore the incorrect-ROM warning.)

To load a save state taking you directly to Round 15, hit F7 and select slot 1 when prompted. At this point, you should also hit Tab to bring up the emulator menu, select Cheat and enable infinite lives, because you're going to need them. (Annoyingly the save state function doesn't remember cheat status, or I'd have done it for you.)

Now use your skill to knock out the 36 bricks at the top of the screen! (Gold bricks are indestructible.) Have fun!


8 Responses to “The worst videogame level of all time”

  1. Klatrymadon Says:

    Haha, what an utter bastard. I haven't even found the one block that actually slides out of the way yet, assuming it actually has one.
    By the way, this seems to be working fine with the arrow keys. Any idea why my pads and sticks don't seem to work well with Arkanoid in MAME? They can usually only place the Vaus in one of three positions (far left, far right and centre). I wonder if there's a USB paddle controller available anywhere…

  2. How in the world… can you even sneak a shot between them there on the side? Then if you do I figure you got a 50/50 chance of making it thru the one on top. Was this an actual level to an actual game or is this some sick romhack?

  3. Klatrymadon Says:

    Oh, it's official alright. Saterranoid is the name of a group of levels from Revenge of Doh.

  4. Did it on my second life.  
    It's not really that hard, you just need to launch the ball from the right place.  The 4th block on the bottom of the D slides when you hit it and you just need to send it back up there on the bounce and let it bounce about until it makes it's way up to the top.

    • Yeah. What you mean is “I got lucky on my second life”. I know which blocks move, but it’s complete chance once you get it past the first one, because there’s absolutely nothing you can do about it after that. I must have put it up inside the ‘D’ a hundred times at every possible angle before it finally decided to COMPLETELY RANDOMLY find its way through to the normal bricks.

      Once you’re past the first moving gold, it’s pure luck whether it gets through to the “D”, pure luck whether it then gets through to the ‘H’ rather than going back to the ‘D’, then pure luck what powerups it hits or how it ricochets off the aliens, to either hit all the bricks or come all the way back to you. And all the while it’s speeding up and getting harder, to punish you for not being lucky. Which is why it’s the worst videogame level of all time.

  5. Did it on the second go. It's not that hard really.

  6. Klatrymadon Says:

    I've done it, now. It's definitely down to sheer luck, and makes all of the challenge stages from Arkanoid DS look like forgiving pieces of piss.

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