It costs 61p. How could you possibly NOT?

Frankly, even not having an Xbox 360 is only a borderline excuse.

Roboboobies aside, Shoot 1Up (which is how the Queen says it) is actually a pretty fun game, built around a very interesting concept where you have all your ships onscreen at once and either contract or expand their formation to avoid enemy fire/use your super-laser weapon. It's full of ideas, there are giant explosions, and at 80 Microsoft points it's in fact a fraction under 61p. Truly, we live in extraordinary times for fan of inventive independent videogames on consoles.

It's the best Xbox Indie game this reporter's played since the mighty Squid Yes! Not So Octopus!, and you'd need to be some sort of churlish idiot not to take a look. Go now.


(PS There are still some free full-version codes of the latter, pictured above, available to WoS subscribers.)


8 Responses to “It costs 61p. How could you possibly NOT?”

  1. I've said it before, I'll say it again – I was surprised to find that I quite like Sentimental Shooting as a shmup.

  2. Tried Decimation-X?  That's a fun high-score title to contest at.  The developers have posted a little bit on my forum, and seem quite open to sugggestions and improvements.  Another 80 point one.
    Also, 'Beat Hazard'.  Music-creates-each-level twinstick shooter.  Not great, but worth trying the demo at least.

  3. I really, really like this. Similar to Mars Matrix, but less overwhelmingly mental(at least in the single-ship Score Trek mode, which rewards you with insane scores for using the Mars Matrix 'Piercing Cannon' style of gameplay). Worth ten times the asking price, easily.
    Also, yes to Decimation-X; it's basically Space Invaders Dai Ou Jou Black Label. Kinda slow to start, but becomes quite brutally difficult around level 25 or so.

  4. i can tell you why.. they don't give you this on the dutch xbla store/.. grrr

  5. No indies at all on the irish xbla either. 
    What the fuck's up with this? It's hardly a licensing issue, they're bloody indie games. Why pretty much all of europe outside the UK gets locked out of this is just baffling.

  6. Getting this as soon as I get some more MS currency.

  7. MangoFish Says:

    Cheers for the recommendation of Decimation-X. Really fun game.

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