Troubleshooting, Nintendo-style

It's not that Nintendo thinks its customers are morons, you understand, but…

(Genuine scan from Virtual Boy instruction manual, highlighting added by WoSblog)


3 Responses to “Troubleshooting, Nintendo-style”

  1. That'd solve the "not in 3D" part, if only one eye were open. Or, nice to know if you had a pirate for a kid and wanted to know if you'd wasted $200 on a monochrome motion Viewmaster.

    Incidentally I'd like to see the Virtual Boy make a comeback. Putting two color screens in a device for a decent price is obviously doable now. I just want to play Wario Land, dammit.

  2. You might not buy anything anymore from the nintendo wii online store, but what irritates me is that after buying something you get an extra health warning, i addition to the one you get by starting the Wii, why?

  3. @romanista
    You can do a hack that gets rid of the health warning screen.

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