FairPlay: The Untold Story

The two FairPlay campaigns were interesting moments in the history of the modern gaming industry. Hugely controversial from the off, their effects and accomplishments (or lack of, depending on your interpretation of events) are still hotly debated eight years after the group made its debut.

The organisation's website has been unavailable for some years, after it was taken over by domain-jumpers and most of the pages deleted. But it's now been restored for posterity, with all the original audio/visual content retrieved from long-forgotten corners of abandoned hard drives. The new archive site also features exciting, never-seen-before director's-cut footage of the group's abortive third campaign from 2004.

The entire history, then, of the site that saw Jez San OBE dub this reporter "Despicable… universally hated by the games industry" is once more publicly available, and can be found here along with a brief retrospective overview and analysis conducted from an extremely biased viewpoint.

At some point in the near future I'll probably also put up a small fraction of the more entertaining hatemail we received from gamers, for the unspeakably heinous crime of trying to make videogames cost less.

Here's a preview, just for funz:

"Are you a fucking retard? its called "CAPITALISM" you dipshit. Are you really that stupid? Does your brain even realize how overpriced EVERYTHING is? Maybe it does, or maybe it does'nt. Either way though, you're still buy it, and so will I. But wait, no, you're awesome! You're starting a revolution! You're speacial! "Hey everyone, sign my petition, cause im a rebel and thats awesome!"

Ever heard of statistics? do you even know how many game consels are sold? MILLIONS. TENS OF MILLIOMS. Do me a favor. Look at the counter on your page, count how many original hits you've had, subtract that from the total number of people who play video games, and then shove that number up your ass. "No!" you say. "We're awesome! We're gonna make a difference! Really! just you wait!"

You really are a complete retard. Go take ECON 101 and then come back apologizing for being a wanker, and maybe i won't kick you in the ribs.

People like you make me want to puke."

– Black, Jesse (student)

Thanks for your comments, Jesse!


6 Responses to “FairPlay: The Untold Story”

  1. This is the first I have heard of this, but it's something I probably would have supported, had a silly 13 year old at the time…

  2. urgh, I mean "had I not been a silly 13 year old at the time…"

  3. I think he/she makes some very valid points. I bet you haven't ever heard of statistics.

  4. Good to see that back. Loved that radio interview – "your argument is based on supposition!" (er, well, apart from all the hard fact with which you came equipped, set against his generalities and bluster).

  5. Amazingly, having been deleted, the domain-jumper version is back up today, with a whole new design:

  6. The irony of the "Play Our Slot Machines And Win Big Prizes" banner on that site is somewhat painful.

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