Revealed at last: why Mr Do! did it

We all remember Mr Do!, right? The smiley-faced star of a series of rather good arcade games by Universal (and a rubbish update on the Neo Geo) is one of the icons of early videogaming. But did you ever wonder why a clown was digging underground for cherries? After more than 20 years of tireless investigation, WoSblog has finally uncovered THE TRUTH.

It turns out he needed them to put in the pies for his circus pie-throwing act! Of course! A clown! A circus act! It all makes sense!

(Found on the Namco Mobile website)


– Why the cherries are buried underground, rather than growing on trees.

– What "enchanted" cherries are and why they're in a castle full of unicorns.

– Why a magician would still be dressing as a clown.

Be assured, viewers – however long it takes, WoSblog will find the answers. Sleep soundly.


8 Responses to “Revealed at last: why Mr Do! did it”

  1. How do you pronounce 'Mr. Do'? Does it rhyme with shoe? Or maybe flow? This has bugged me for ages.

  2. It's "do", obviously. As in "what did you just do?" If it was meant to sound like "doe" or "doh" it'd have an 'e' or an 'h' on the end. Also, that way “Mr Do Run Run” wouldn’t be funny.

  3. Love Theme from Cat People Says:

    He's not Mr. Doe!, he's Mr. Do! As in, "Do! be a dear and fetch me some cherries from underground."

  4. Love Theme from Cat People Says:

    Bit late on that one, shouldn't've gone back and added all the exclamation points(!!!).

  5. Surely it is just the perspective used and Mr Do is not underground at all. I always thought it was similar to Sabre Wolf in that respect. Mr Do just liked to cut a path through brambles or at least very long grass. Dig Dug however definitely is underground but then the title gives that away.

  6. If he's not underground, why do the apples fall down the screen when he digs under them?

  7. Mr Do's Castle is still one of my fave ever games.  Even though it might be gash (I genuinely can't tell).

  8. MarzSyndrome Says:

    Incidentally, what did you dislike about Neo Mr Do!, Stu?  (Woo, Too, etc.)
    I found it to be fairly enjoyable and less bloody difficult than the original.

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