Things you don't see any more


8 Responses to “Things you don't see any more”

  1. At least one of those 78%s was you, wasn't it? You soft-marking bastard.

  2. Yup, Wiz'n'Liz. (Uridium 2 was, I believe, down to Steve "The Arch-traitor" McGill.) I have a horrible feeling I might have been responsible for one of the Mega top scorers too.

  3. TheVision Says:

    Not even real life is worth 100%

    I read that in Amiga Power years ago and it's stuck with me ever since.

  4. Which is the folly of all rating systems, I guess. Percentages were always my favourite – 78% feels a fairer reflection than 8/10, or four stars out of five; it all comes back to the whole "use the whole scale" thing, I suppose – but my favourite marking system was the one the Melody Maker used to use, which gave most records no "mark" at all, good albums got a yellow "Recommended" badge (issues often passed without anything getting one that week), and the best records got a "Bloody Essential" one in red.  I'd subscribed for about two months before I ever saw one of those.

  5. @nixonradio – the MM rating system is also my favourite. I've often tried to get that system into various places, but it's bad for sales, apparently. (Well, MM isn't around, so…)

  6. Actually, that Robocop vs Terminator score is me as well.

  7. Has anybody ever won Wiz 'n' Liz, I wonder?
    You can beat all the bosses on one mode, and then there's another mode! And then there's the next mode! And then you beat all those bosses, and there's more bosses beyond those!

  8. So basically what you're saying is you don't see Stuart Campbell at the end of reviews in several magazines each month anymore?

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