Inglourious Edditting

WoSblog would like to take this opportunity to admiringly offer its warmest congratulations to Christoph Waltz, who was this week quite rightly rewarded with an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor in recognition of his superb portrayal of SS Colonel Hans Landa in Quentin Tarantino's excellent WW2 knockabout Inglourious Basterds.

But what's going on here?

A German, speaking in French, subtitled in French. Followed just moments later by this:

A Frenchman, saying the exact same words, also in French, but now subtitled in English.

It's not a one-off, either – it happens all the way through the film, seemingly at random, and it kept distracting this pernickety viewer from the exciting twists and turns of the plot and all the splendid dialogue. Is it some elaborate Tarantino joke, or is someone just an idiot? (The "explanation" on imdb is useless, and doesn't even deserve a direct link.) SOMEBODY TELL ME NOW.


5 Responses to “Inglourious Edditting”

  1. Mikey Mike Says:

    Just a joke from Tarantino, I'm certain. The translated dialogue is too precise for it to be a mistake.

  2. It's obviously a cyclical thing. Germans get subtitled in French, the French get subtitled in English and the English get subtitled in German

  3. I've heard it's a Tarantino "thing" done on purpose but can find no real evidence behind that.

  4. It's a deliberate thing Tarantino does. One of his harking-back to films of olde thingies. Was like that in the cinema release as well so it's not a DVD fuck-up.

  5. VinylPusher Says:

    Try watching it without subtitles at all.
    I did.
    It was just as enjoyable.

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