Mrs Bejeweled

Alert WoSblog fans will probably already have read my awesome "Gender Benders" feature from Total PC Gaming a couple of years ago. In the magazine itself, though, the piece went by the title of "Hardcore Housewives" (taken from a line in the feature), and was accompanied by a rather splendid custom-commissioned illustration, which doesn't appear in the WoS edition.

I recently stumbled across a version of the article (mysteriously credited to "Ben Biggs") on TPCG's website, though, which included the image in all its high-resolution glory, and I felt you all deserved to see it. (Clicking on the image above shows a medium-sized version, which actually looks better.)

In my head I'm just out of shot, as Robin Askwith, about to knock on the door for some hot water.


4 Responses to “Mrs Bejeweled”

  1. NowGamer website credits were 'interesting' and everything was assigned to whoever posted the article, rather than the original writer. A few of us kicked up a fuss, they claimed it was an 'accident', and we noted that if that's the case, why had they rewritten all the straps?
    Anyway, if you care, you can create a NowGamer account and they'll reassign your stuff. If not, you can walk around yelling "I AM MR BIGGS!"

  2. They didn't change the straps in mine, to be fair. The byline said Ben Biggs, but as you can see from the link, the strap still says Stuart Campbell.

  3. That woman reminds me of Ex  Blue Peter presenter Katy Hill.

  4. The comments on that page are confusing.  Is "UK John" really lambasting you for being under 25?

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