How to get 2100 MS Points for £8

Well, £8.19. Alert viewers will recall WoSblog's highly popular recent review of Perfect Dark on XBLA, which noted that the developers had done a half-arsed job of porting the controls over, incompetently removing both legacy and southpaw options that were present in the N64 original. Well, now at least you have the chance to pay a half-arsed price for it too.

As the more observant will already have deduced, the trick is to buy your MS points from Littlewoods. If you sign up a new account (if you've already got one, just use a different payment card), add the 2100-point card to your basket, then apply the promotional code ZZ425 at the checkout for a £15 discount. (Normally you have to spend over £25, but this code seems to work on any purchase.)

That brings the price down to £9, which means that an 800-point title like Perfect Dark (or some other title whose developers aren't useless cretins) will be costing you just £3.43. However, if you have a Quidco account (free), you can access the Littlewoods site through that, saving another 9% and bringing the cost of an 800-point game down to just £3.12.

As the image shows, I've tested the code myself and it works, so now I'm off to buy a whole bunch of Xbox Indie Games instead for 31p a pop, but I'll have enough points left over to get PD if 4J Studios ever pull their fingers out of their holes and do their jobs properly. The code, incidentally, should also work for buying Wii Points cards, but WoSblog does not endorse giving money to Nintendo.


6 Responses to “How to get 2100 MS Points for £8”

  1. Would it be insufferably nitpicky of me to say that a Quidco account deducts your first £5 of cashback per year as an admin fee, so technically isn't "free"? Still usually works out very profitable if you're a regular online shopper, but in the unlikely event of anyone contemplating joining them just for this offer and never using it again, they should bear it in mind…
    Also, more pertinently, Littlewoods don't have the best of reputations for honouring discount vouchers, especially if the T&Cs weren't adhered to the letter (e.g. this supposed £25 minimum order value). See for an example.

  2. El Stevo Says:

    TopCashBack are offering 8% cashback, so if you haven't already signed up or paid your admin fee for the year at Quidco it might be worth going with them instead. On the other hand, Quidco lists some discount codes on its Littlewoods page, so if you go with them and use their code you're probably less likely to fall foul of Littlewoods' legal department in the way AdamK describes.

  3. Jeremy Yeatman Says:

    Great tip! worked fine for me. Thanks.

  4. Jeremy Yeatman Says:

    Oh… just read the other comments. Hopefully this won't come back to bite me.

  5. Littlewoods have broken the law every time I have used them, and it has taken legal threats from me to get my money back.

    I'd suggest staying well away.

  6. Was ready to send a furious email/make an angry phone call when I saw that Littlewoods had taken the full £24 out of my account without the discount, then noticed the small print where it says they take out the full amount then refund the amount discounted by the voucher. The £15 refund came through today, but it still seems a bit dodgy. Either way, the points arrived this morning, so fun indie shiz ahoy.

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