Murder Most Foulie

This is actually a WoS subscriber piece from last year about the Nintendo DS's bizarre multiplicity of Scrabble games, but it's as relevant today as it was then. Because for some incredibly strange reason people persist in making an inexplicable balls-up of videogame versions of Scrabble, which ought to be just about the easiest development gig you could ever get.

For example, even although there are two separate English-language official Scrabble ports for the iPod/iPhone (the US version has an exclusive "Teacher" function as well as the more garish US graphics), the UK version uses the American dictionary, which is so fatuously stupid as to boggle the mind. (Boggle! Ha! Sometimes I don't even know I'm doing it!)

The madness isn't even restricted to the properly-licensed versions either – there's a fairly popular iPod clone called Words With Friends which has a pass-the-iPod multiplayer game, except that in one of the most staggeringly retarded design decisions ever recorded, it doesn't provide any way for the players to conceal their tiles from each other during the handover, utterly destroying the point of the game.

For a game that's supposed to be educational, it's mystifying that Scrabble appears to turn all videogame developers into cretins. Anyway, for further investigation and elaboration the full unlocked feature is linked below, in four exciting experimental visual flavours.

Version 1 ("Plain")
Version 2 ("Modest")
Version 3 ("Theatrical")
Version 4 ("American")


2 Responses to “Murder Most Foulie”

  1. Didn't the legendary Matthew Smith write a version of Scrabble for one of Nintendo's toys?

  2. for the gameboy colour i thought

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