I'm Avocado Soldier now

This is the greatest comic in the history of there being comics that existed.

You must go and read it right now, before anything else happens.

Not brilliant in an ironic internet way, either. Just properly brilliant. And let's face it, no more incoherently plotted than most comics. "Axe Cop and the Moon warriors have to fight the mutant big truck full of ninjas" (Episode 12) could be an accurate summary of pretty much anything in Forbidden Planet.

(Respect owed to alert WoSblog viewer Klatrymadon)


5 Responses to “I'm Avocado Soldier now”

  1. Bloody hell, that's brilliant. Like Jhonen Vasquez before he realised he could just put all his characters in bee suits in every comic he drew, and people would still call him a genius.

  2. Oh god. I think "Sockerang" gets me the most. My GF is next to me asleep and I'm squealing trying to suppress the laughs.

  3. This like so last month when I first heard of it! (Still brilliant though obviously and I anxiously await the film adaptation)

  4. That's probably the most joy I've crammed into an hour in my entire life. The 'Ask Axe Cop' section, if anything, contains more wonder, wrongness, joy, sorrow than probably the rest of the internet combined.
    Thanks, everyone!

  5. Uni-avacado soldier Says:

    I like. At first glance it wasn't much and I'd have given up and moved on if it wasn't recommended by you all so strongly, but after seeing what was behind the scenes and persevering with a few pages (and especially the 'Ask Axe Cop' part already mentioned) I'm glad I kept going. Good stuff.

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