Stinking Aliens

I've got far too many zany projects and wacky capers on the go at the moment (including – obviously – the preparations for tomorrow's International Deathchase Day), and I've never got round to doing this.

The picture above would have been the opening exhibit in The Gallery, a little WoS minisite I was going to set up to showcase great images from videogame cutscenes. This particular example is from Psikyo's excellent but obscure never-converted coin-op Space Bomber, whose tremendous plot would have justified an entire room of the gallery to itself. More from it below.


5 Responses to “Stinking Aliens”

  1. Xeethra Says:

    Proof that vast budgets, recognisable voice-casts and a million shades of grey can't beat some chap with a bad rendering program and a mild brain-wrong.

  2. Is this just me or did I read that first Engrish shot as Lunch bomb

  3. Xeethra Says:

    Nope; I had to triple-check and erase mental images of exploding corned beef sandwiches.

  4. Lunch bomber Says:

    I read it as "lunch bomber" too. I had to re-read it a couple of times to realise what it really was.
    Now I want it to say "lunch bomber". I agree with Xeethra on the first post.

  5. Xeethra Says:

    Hurrah for me! I've been meaning to type this for a while but check out the WoS Forum for more thrills and larks. And the occasional argument.
    It's linked from the top right (ish) of the main blog page.

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