The changing face of poverty

As part of my recent series of snack expeditions I was in a Tesco just outside Bristol on Friday, in which I noticed a new addition to their Tesco Value economy range that raised an eyebrow.

If you can't quite make out the writing, read on for a close-up.

That's right – it's an economy-brand riding crop. And that wasn't even the oddest thing. Just below them was another rack of slightly fancier riding crops, priced at £3.99. Now, I couldn't find a price for the Value ones anywhere on the display, but one would imagine it was less than £3.99, which begs a pretty obvious question:

Who the hell is walking around out there who can't afford £3.99 for a riding crop, and has to buy an even cheaper economy-brand one, but OWNS AND/OR OPERATES A FRICKING HORSE?

(Or is Bristol just full of impoverished sexual perverts? Rhetorical question.)


4 Responses to “The changing face of poverty”

  1. Stu, you're assuming the customer has to _own_ a horse.
    Maybe they're just going to "borrow" one. 😉
    Or…  do you have a lot of politicians living in Bristol?
    I've _read_ about those English pollies, ya know….

  2. Well, I do say "and/or operates". I'm led to believe that any horse-related pursuit is rather expensive even if it's someone else's horse.

  3. Not just a horse, but specifically one used for racing or hunting as AFAIK just riding around on one does not require use of a crop.

  4. Horses for courses Says:

    I've known people with horses and riding schools and costs involved were big enough that this seems bizarre, but then I'm sure I'm not the only one to start seeing BMWs and Mercs outside Aldis and the occupants/drivers visiting Poundland when before they'd never dream of slumming it with the rest of the common scum they carefully avoided.

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