Pac-Man found on moon

After all that politics, let's lighten the mood a little and get back to the happy world of videogames.

It's not our own Moon, but Mimas, one of the satellites of Saturn. As a gas planet, of course, Saturn makes a pretty good "ghost". But Pac's going to need a pretty big power pill if he's going to take it down.

In other universe news, if you haven't seen them already, these new images of the Sun from the Solar Dynamics Observatory are pretty awesome.


3 Responses to “Pac-Man found on moon”

  1. Irish Al Says:

    Let me be the first to point out – "that's no moon …"

  2. Peter St. John Says:

    My wife and I took this as a sign of rather good fortune, as the image was released the day before our Pac-Man wedding a couple of weeks ago 😉

  3. That is awesome, though those sun pictures could do with a thumping beat behind them.

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