WoSblog Gaming Challenge No.3

This is also going free in the App Store today (and today only), so you've got no excuses. Remember, an exciting actual prize awaits the WoSblog Leaderboard Champion at the end of the year!

Challenge Game 3, and our first iPod challenge title, is Koan – "a fast-paced game of pure strategy against the clock".

I've been playing it a lot today, and from initially dismissing it as an addictive but random time-killer with little if any skill involved, I've come to appreciate that it has a lot more depth and strategy than it seems to at first glance. So to celebrate reaching No.1 on the global rankings, I'm putting some WoSblog Challenge points up for grabs.

Top scores by 6pm tomorrow (Weds 28th) get the marks. Go!




1= Klatrymadon 3pts
1= Zenchan 3pts
3. Irish Al 1pt


17 Responses to “WoSblog Gaming Challenge No.3”

  1. CdrJameson Says:

    Where do we post results? I've got 200 so far.

  2. CdrJameson Says:

    By which I mean 2020

  3. Right here in the comments, obv.

  4. CdrJameson Says:

    Which should of course read 29460

  5. 17160 one more go…

  6. 34020, 2nd in the world

  7. Irish Al Says:

    Please sir may I be excused sir? Don't have any i-based hardware sir.

  8. 23220.

    Still haven't figured out the scoring.

  9. Basically, you get big points for long, fast combos with a gold at the end.

  10. CdrJameson Says:

    Bah. I'm only sixth in the world (seventh now)

    Are we the only people playing this?

  11. Oh dear. 2410.

  12. Ah, okay – long fast combos it is! 21930 – 66th.

  13. Klatrymadon Says:

    Damn, I am without iPod. And it appears I've missed an entire round! Was round 2's game anything I'd have been competent at?

  14. MangoFish wins! New standings:

    1= Klatrymadon 3pts
    1= Zenchan 3pts
    1= MangoFish 3pts
    4. CdrJameson 2pts
    5= IrishAl 1pt
    5= Dean 1pt
    (Round 2 was Robotron on Atari ST, btw.)

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