Fruit ninjas

Turning successful videogames into pinball tables is a fairly logical step. Turning them into fruit machines is an altogether trickier business.

Nevertheless, it's been done a surprisingly large number of times over the years, with varying degrees of success.

There are some videogame fruities that actually do a pretty fair job of capturing the main gameplay elements from their arcade parents, and this Retro Gamer piece – previously available to WoS subscribers – takes an in-depth look at both the hits and misses.

(As a bonus, most videogame-based fruit machines can now be played via emulation, which enables you to crank up the payout settings to the maximum and experience features that you'd normally have almost no chance of seeing unless you put a hundred quid in.)

You can read the complete feature here.


3 Responses to “Fruit ninjas”

  1. Captain Caveman Says:

    My word, we are being spoiled here – retro coin op videos and fruit machines were between them the Great Loves of my largely mis-spent youth!
    Great piece again, Stu. I realise that it wasn't meant to be an exhaustive account of course, but I think a couple of venerable old clonkers of the '80s are also perhaps worthy of a mention? JPM System 80 hardware platformers Frog Hop (Frogger) and Fruit Chaser (Pac Man) spring instantly to the mind of those of us 'of a certain age'; Fruit Chaser in particular was a real belter. Exciting nudge gambles and feature trail.
    Not quite in the same vein, but I also remember actual, very short lived video games variants like Missile Command 'paying out' real money (i.e. not just bonus credits), if one achieved some impossibly high score? I'm sure these weren't a figment of my imagination!

  2. There were "prize" versions of Space Invaders and Tetris that paid out real money, but I don't know of any others. They may still have existed, of course. (Prize Space Invaders is covered and pictured in my Definitive Space Invaders, which is available to all readers at WoS Central.)

  3. Captain Caveman Says:

    Ah, glad these weren't figments of my increasingly failing recollection. I'll check that out, thanks.
    Did you or anyone else ever actually get sufficiently adept at such games to actually turn a profit? As I said, I'm sure the Missile Command I'm thinking of required some absolutely superhuman effort – wildly beyond the realms of even the (considerable) ability of my Street Oik Collective – to even so much as dish out a single ten pence piece. 🙂

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