So, who wants to see dragonflies having sex?

This is totally NSFW, if you're a dragonfly. It may also cause depression among male viewers. If you're absolutely sure you can handle XXX-rated dragonfly action, then click on the pleasant picture below to peek through the leafy window and into the dragonfly boudoir.

(Pics taken this afternoon in the botanical gardens of Victoria Park, Bath, with a Fuji Finepix F70 EXR compact digital camera.)

I should note, incidentally, that these are the same two dragonflies on different leaves. They actually flew off like this, and then landed again, all without, er, disengaging.

(They chuffing well better be engaged, after that. – Victorian Ed)


4 Responses to “So, who wants to see dragonflies having sex?”

    (yes, I do feel strangely aroused)

  2. They look like damselflies to me, also note how the red one is having a sly look in pic 2.

  3. That's no damsel – that's my wife! (Etc.)
    You do seem to be right, a quick check suggests that they're damselflies rather than dragonflies. But it seems an inappropriate name for a creature that appears to be roughly 80% penis.

  4. That's my animal porn quota for the week, cheers!

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