PSP Go-ing, going, soon to be gone

You don't have a PSP Go. Nobody does. That's because, even in the idiot world we live in, nobody is QUITE stupid enough to pay double the price of a normal PSP for one with a smaller screen, no facility to play UMD games and no ability to run the custom firmware that's needed to use almost all of the PSP's attractive features.

Which is why, in an obvious warehouse-emptying initiative designed to erase the entire ham-fisted episode from memory as quickly as possible, Sony are now basically giving their stock of unsold PSPGs (which is to say, nearly all of them) away for nothing.

According to games industry trade mag MCV, the company is about to unveil an offer whereby anyone registering a new PSPGo will be entitled to download no fewer than ten free games for it from what appears to be the full catalogue including Gran Turismo, Little Big Planet and GTA Chinatown Wars.

The value of the offer – depending, obviously, on what games you pick – looks certain to be anywhere between £150 and £200, which already makes the console itself effectively almost free. However, when you factor in the news that Argos are clearing out their stocks of the machine for just £150, then if you have any interest in PSP games at all you're basically getting the hardware for less than nothing.

(WoS subscribers, of course, have always been able to get a PSP Go for under £10, but now everyone can join in the fun, if you want to call owning a PSP that can't run custom firmware fun.)

If £150 for a PSP Go with 10 triple-A games thrown in sounds like a good deal to you, it's about to be your lucky day.


7 Responses to “PSP Go-ing, going, soon to be gone”

  1. TheVision Says:

    Surely it can't be that long before it's hacked? I seriously consider getting one if only it had all the benefits of the older PSP.

  2. owww.. c'mon…
    there aren't TEN "Triple A" in the PSP games catalog!!

  3. Although it might be worth waiting until Sony ACTUALLY announces the offer, otherwise you'll be left with a £150 brick, only slightly better than the usual £250 brick.

  4. xbendystevex Says:

    £150 and 10 free games?? Yeah I'd probably go for that…

  5. Troublegum Says:
    Apparently, it has been hacked now. So not long until custom firmware, I guess.

  6. TheVision Says:

    That hack could have me sold! Now… if only I knew of 10 PSP games that I would actually like to play.

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