Goal Club 2010 is here!

Fantasy Football is for dullard nancies. So don't waste your time with it, because the world's greatest football sweepstakes game is back!

If you're new to Goal Club, clicking on the banner above will tell you all you need to know. If you've played it before, note that we've introduced a few small tweaks this year to make the game even more exciting:


– teams eliminated in the group stage now score 1.5x the normal points.

– strikers now get bonuses for hat-tricks and winning the Golden Boot.

– points for goalkeepers have been adjusted to give them a better chance.


(Full details of the changes are on the website.)

That's about it, really. You've got 10 days to ponder the schedules and make your picks. Go Go Goal Club!


6 Responses to “Goal Club 2010 is here!”


  2. I've just made my Goal Club picks. This clearly now means that the player I've backed to be top scorer will be carried off with a shattered pelvis or something about six minutes into the opening match.
    In other "surely something bad will happen" news, Miroslav Klose is currently a really rather attractive 41/1 to finish as top scorer on Betfair. Unless I'm missing something, those are ludicrously long odds, as his usually saves his best form for internationals.

  3. Where the heck is Green Point Stadium?

  4. The Nixon Administration Says:

    Cape Town.

  5. I saw that coming.

  6. The Nixon Administration Says:

    What, "Cape Town"?

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