If you're ever in Gloucester

…firstly, don't be drunk. You'll think you're just dreaming it.

Secondly, totally have lunch at the Varsity Bar, particularly the Dirty Dog's Dinner. (NB WoSblog has not received any form of payment or other inducement for this recommendation.)

Gloucester is extraordinary. It's like a sort of microcosm of Birmingham, except where in Birmingham no two adjacent buildings were constructed in the same decade, in Gloucester it's the same century.

Ramshackle classic-Tudor chip shops sit cheek-by-jowl with 60s office blocks, Edwardian town halls, Victorian warehouses and public amenities, and modern shopping malls. In residential areas architectural styles change four times in the space of ten houses.

I'm kicking myself for not taking my camera, not just for missing all that but because it means you'll never believe me about the bunny roundabout. Taking a wrong turn on the way home, WoSblog went up an unfamiliar road, and arrived at a roundabout with big wicker rabbits on it.

Missing our exit and going round again, we noticed that the wicker bunnies were also surrounded with real ones – dozens of 'em, cute as buttons, and showing no signs of fearing the traffic at the busy interchange in the slightest.

Mysteriously, all websites which might confirm the story seem to be broken, although this one at least proves the existence of the wicker versions.

Also, for pudding, definitely, definitely have the Warm Cookie Cups.


3 Responses to “If you're ever in Gloucester”

  1. Quite intrigued by the Dirty Curry Challenge, where your food comes "served on a plank". Bwuh? And does the Dirty Dog's Dinner actually come in a real dog bowl (i.e. one of those plastic ashtray-meets-frisbee affairs), or is it some sort of plate with pretensions?

  2. Anthony Says:

    As a resident in the fair city of Gloucester I can indeed confirm the existence of the rabbits – both wicker and real. As far back as I`ve ever known the roundabout at the end of Eastern Avenue has always been nicknamed "The Rabbit Roundabout" – the wicker one are a fairly recent addition tho.

  3. Irish Al Says:

    I've got a dirty pud.

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