iPod freebie: Battle Of Puppets

Castle-defence games (as opposed to the very different genre of tower-defence games like GeoDefense) aren't in short supply on the iPod, but Battle Of Puppets is the cutest one I've seen.

Currently going free for a week, BoP's twist is that it's set in a theatre and portrayed as a sort of rap battle for operas, but the mechanics are pretty standard for the genre – divide your resources between attack and defence, upgrade to better units, and send out the right kind of troops to cope with the enemy's current forces.

Very prettily put together and stacked with levels and modes, it's a great introduction to the genre for nowt. Get in.

Remember, if you don’t have an iPhone or iPod Touch yet with which to enjoy the now-est gaming of the modern zeitgeist, you can still grab the games anyway with iTunes while they’re free, and upload them to your iPod when you get one.

And if you’re ready to join in the fun, you can do it at a giveaway price by subscribing to WoS, where subscribers learn how to pick up a brand-new 32GB 3rd-gen iPod Touch for just £6 – no strings, no contracts, no referrals, no getting other people do do anything, just a fun bit of exploiting capitalism for half-an-hour’s effort.


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