The World Cup app they don't want you to have

Rather kindly, EA have decided to provide WoSblog with a handy and timely illustration of why you might want a US App Store account.

For the opening weekend of the World Cup only, the multinational software giant is celebrating what it appears to believe is a match between the USA and Great Britain on Saturday, by slashing the price of 2010 FIFA World Cup to a bargain $0.99 (down from the previous $6.99).

Sadly, the pricing of the app is rather less multinational – while the US price equates to just 59p, British FIFA fans are expected to pay FIVE TIMES as much, with the UK App Store maintaining its £2.99 price point for the game.

So if you can manage to sort yourself out a US funding source in the next three days, and you fancy playing the official World Cup game without getting ripped off by a 400% markup, you now know what to do.


One Response to “The World Cup app they don't want you to have”

  1. They could give it away for free and few yanks would have any interest in it. How do the prices for Madden Football compare? This game looks pretty horrible anyway.

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