iPod freebie: Crime Spree

It might be trying to look like Grand Theft Auto or Car Jack Streets, but Crime Spree (currently on limited-time free promo) is actually Rally-X.

In keeping with its theme, this is a straight respray of Namco's classic maze-chaser, fast-paced and tricky with responsive swipe controls, and it'll cost you less money than the smallest measurable unit of money in existence. Speaking as a neutral observer who'd never tell you what to do, you should get it right now.

Remember, if you don’t have an iPhone or iPod Touch yet with which to enjoy the now-est gaming of the modern zeitgeist, you can still grab the games anyway with iTunes while they’re free, and upload them to your iPod when you get one.

And if you’re ready to join in the fun, you can do it at a giveaway price by subscribing to WoS, where subscribers learn how to pick up a brand-new 32GB 3rd-gen iPod Touch for just £6 – no strings, no contracts, no referrals, no getting other people do do anything, just a fun bit of exploiting capitalism for half-an-hour’s effort.


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