Half Man Half Biscuit Half Hits

(Warning: contains Spotify. But if you don't have it, read on.)

Users of the controversial legal music-streaming service have become accustomed of late to more songs disappearing off their playlists than being added to them, so the sudden addition of Tranmere troubadours Half Man Half Biscuit to the archives was a pleasant surprise indeed.

Almost the entire HMHB album catalogue seems to have been included, with the mystifying and sad exception of Four Lads Who Shook The Wirral (which features some of my favourite Biscuits tracks), so in celebration WoSblog has put together a greatest-hits compilation playlist for the enjoyment of everyone who was smart enough to join up to Spotify when it was open to new accounts, and particularly HMHB noobs.

(If you weren't, you can now sign up to Spotify Open, which accepts signups without invitations, but restricts use to 20 hours a month.)

This is it here. If you don't like any of these tracks, it's safe to say you're a terrible person who should be killed.


15 Responses to “Half Man Half Biscuit Half Hits”

  1. Irish Al Says:

    Spotify is another one of those things like XBox indie games and the Google Nexus One that is for some reason unavailable in this country.

  2. Sickboy Says:

    Could you list the list here, prettyplease? I can't quibble with it from work (no Spotify).

  3. Sickboy Says:

    There must be something wrong with the link because, as far as I can tell, there's no 'All I Want For Christmas Is A Dukla Prague Away Kit'.
    That would be like doing a Kraftwerk playlist and not bothering with 'Autobahn'.

  4. Pah. The triumph of nostalgia over artistic merit, there. Also, nobody would ever throw away Subbuteo fans – they were far too expensive.

  5. Sickboy Says:

    Blasphemy! It beautifully captures the ramshackle bliss of make-up-as-you-go-along rules and childhood football fads and rich-kid mates who had all the latest stuff but never quite seemed happy.
    Still, I'm a sucker for Stand By Me-type boy-to-man narratives.
    And I think I'm a bit too close to this. I used to practically live in (Probe Records).
    Props for including Totnes Bickering Fair, though.
    Hang on. I've just noticed there's no Trumpton Riots, either.
    That's it. For revenge, I'm going to crack out a Mary Chain playlist with no Some Candy Talking…

    • The absence of Trumpton Riots isn’t my fault, btw – the song claiming to be it on Back In The DHSS is in fact Architecture And Morality, Ted And Alice.

  6. Do your worst! I never really cared for Some Candy Talking – it was just a clunky, inferior clone of Just Like Honey, and an awkward bridge between the very different sounds of Psychocandy and Darklands.

    "Should all the stars shine in the sky/They couldn't outshine your sparkling eyes" is a rather sweet line, though.

  7. Sickboy Says:

    Pfft. It's an amazing song, awkward bridge or not… Just Like Honey is, well, incandescent but I like the orgasmy build of Candy. And yeah – Hawley version is great… Love to see him try something by the likes of Glasvegas (It's My Own Cheating Heart would be fun)…
    Anyway – Half Man Half Biscuit. Ace!

  8. Sickboy Says:

    One more thing… You're dead right about the omission of Four Lads… (No 'You're Hard' or the majestic 'Soft Verges'…)

  9. And don't forget "Turn A Blind Eye" and "A Country Practice".

  10. No Big Black, no Shellac, but the entire Associates back catalogue? (Well, the stuff up until '82, which is the only stuff worth listening to) Spotify is odd.

  11. I'd wager Mr Albini isn't very kindly disposed to making his stuff available on Spotify.

  12. Sickboy Says:

    A truly wonderful HMHB lyric shrine – http://www.chrisrand.com/hmhb/

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