Poor font choice of the week

Via John X.

(Click for full-size source.) (EDIT: Has now been fixed, with a knowing wink.)

Runner-up, courtesy of @djwmaxwell:


5 Responses to “Poor font choice of the week”

  1. The first one has been changed.
    It now just has the alphabet typed out with the "t" in bold. I think someone was sending a message in reply that way.

  2. That second one is classic.

  3. Here's one from a while back that appeared in Retrogamer (a magazine I love but which can't be excused from this lapse in design choice).
    Poor font choice of the week

  4. Something similar not a bad font just bad formatting.
    Worst linebreak ever, from browser apps marketplace.

  5. Xeethra Says:

    Heavens that's superb.

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