For posterity

Even less-alert viewers should recall the recent appearance of Google Pac-Man in celebration of the pizza-prompted pill-popper's 30th birthday, when for a couple of days the search engine's title banner was replaced by a fully-playable version of the game.

The page is now "permanently" online here, but those of us with no faith in corporations to preserve gaming history have been looking for a working offline version (simply saving the web page doesn't work).

Fortunately, the job is now done. If you download this file and unzip it to a folder, you'll have a permanent copy of Google Pac-Man that's playable offline. By default the sound doesn't work, but if you follow the very simple instructions in the text file I've included in the zip, you can easily fix that too in a few seconds.

(You need to set up a Flash permission specific to each individual computer that runs the game, so there's currently no way to simply upload a version with the sound working.)

That's it, really.


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