A modestly amusing thing

Go here, choose "Match Highlights" and watch the clip. The interesting bit is from about 1.09 in to 1.15.

Those are the official BBC highlights. A full transcript of the audio is below:


PEARCE: Just a suspicion maybe of handball there?

LAWRENSON: I've seen 'em given.


Now watch this, which is the exact same few seconds of footage, but this time accompanied by the commentary on it that the BBC actually broadcast live.


PEARCE: Just a suspicion maybe of handball there… no, err, don't think so. Off his shoulder, maybe. What do you think, Mark?

LAWRENSON: I've seen 'em given.


Of course, after the match, when everyone in the world had plainly seen and agreed that this "magnificent, pure bit of Brazilian skill" was in fact a blatant bit of double cheating, the instinctive broadcaster bias (Brazil = samba magic) was hastily excised from the evidence, even though editing the audio didn't make the sequence any shorter or anything.


"So, you controlled it with your chest, Luis, yes?"

"No, I used these."


One Response to “A modestly amusing thing”

  1. Xeethra Says:

    Maybe the Beeb have been reading this; a brief profile of (PLEASE INSERT FOOTBALLER'S NAME HERE) shown before Brazil v. Portugal stated that he 'obviously' used his hand twice in the build-up to the goal. And then showed footage of the chap saying that both contacts were 'unintentional' and the goal was a wonderful moment. Or some such.

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