iPod freebies: classic boardgames

Three for the price of none here. Now THAT'S cheap.

Left to right: Championship Checkers, Reversi Twist, Master Of Gomoku.

Obviously there are scores of versions of old-fashioned boardgames on the App Store, but these three are all really nice ad-free implementations of their respective games, with decent CPU AI, slick interfaces, music and nice clicky sound effects, and a variety of options.

Championship Checkers is a straightforward draughts game, whose unique selling point is the option to play with cookies instead of normal pieces. You get three CPU difficulty settings.

Reversi Twist is Reversi (aka Othello) – but with a twist!, namely the option to play on a 10×10 board as well as the normal 8×8 one, as well as offering two board styles and four levels of CPU opponent.

Master Of Gomuku plays Gomoku (or Gomuku, nobody really seems to know which), also known as Five-In-A-Row, which is my favourite two-player classic board game. Incredibly simple in concept (play pieces anywhere, get five in a row either horizontally, vertically or diagonally), it rapidly gets fiendishly complex, and if you lose concentration for a single move you'll probably get crumped. This version offers eight different board sizes (from 8×8 to 15×15) and three levels of CPU skill, and is pretty and fast.

All three games also include pass-the-iPod multiplayer, but sadly no online play. Nothing more to see here. Move along.


5 Responses to “iPod freebies: classic boardgames”

  1. Good picks, installing just now but it's Masters of Gomoku just in case anyone struggles to search for it.

  2. Master of GomOku not Gomuku
    In  case anyone is having trouble finding it.

  3. I always liked Othello. With a good opponent it can be very tricky, much like Gomuku (also enjoyable). I like that it can go from apparent victory to disaster in a few turns. I feel I should point out that Stu did get the spelling right  for the links at the top, even if the text below strayed from that…

  4. Actually that was wrong too when I posted the comment.

    • The game is actually called “Master Of GOMOKU” on the App Store. It’s not my fault if they can’t spell. Although nobody seems able to definitively agree on which is right anyway. Wikipedia spells it with an “O”, so it probably is a “U”, but there’s certainly a degree of confusion.


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