The apps they want to rob you blind for

Alert viewers will of course remember the WoSblog piece from a couple of weeks back in which I detailed how to set yourself up a US App Store account in order to get hold of stuff that isn't available here.

Today there's another example of why having multinational accounts is a good thing. The just-released PES 2010 in the UK: £5.99. Price in the USA: £1.19. You'll have to ask Konami why.


5 Responses to “The apps they want to rob you blind for”

  1. Irish Al Says:

    Because shop rents … no, wait … wages … no … um …. distribution costs … er … you're right, we at Konami are just gouging.

  2. It's nothing special, either. Stand by for a review.

  3. It'll be that 20% vat doing it, right?

  4. Must be shipping costs. Yes. Shipping. Got to be.

  5. After England lost – is it free today?

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