Have a break – have a quick Qwak


Viewers who haven't recently suffered a stroke will recall WoSblog's recent review of the promising but flawed sort-of Amiga remake Qwak. Well, it's much better now.

Sadly you're just too late to take double advantage by picking it up for 59p – it's gone back up to £1.79 as of yesterday. More fool you. But the good news is that version 1.1 is well worth the higher price.

There are several changes in the new update, including reduced difficulty (a fair compensation for the extra challenge presented by the zoomed-in screen compared to the PC version on which the iPod game is based) and a welcome rapid-fire option. But by far the best changes are the new control options.

Qwak's controls were the fly in its fruitcake, but the new version offers a wide range of selectable methods which should offer something to suit everyone. There are six different options, varying from simple alterations to the button spacing to having Jump above Fire instead of alongside it, and slide controls or virtual buttons for lateral movement. (My own choice is Option 4, with virtual movement buttons and vertically-stacked action buttons.)

The new version is hugely more enjoyable to play, and the only remaining problems are some slight metastructure niggles and the continuing absence of online leaderboards, which coder Jamie Woodhouse is working to implement, probably as we speak.

Qwak is now comfortably one of the App Store's finest arcade platformers, and WoSblog now feels able to recommend it without reservation.


One Response to “Have a break – have a quick Qwak”

  1. Update 1.2 will see online scores, and a few other minor enhancements; then on to the next game, which I can design specifically for the iPhone / iPod / iPad, rather than porting from PC / Mac…

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